Cathy Hodgson

Freshman - 818 Points [Cat] (USA Ohio)

Biography of Cathy Hodgson

I try to be a inspiration in what I write. Poems, songs, and stories. I write in simple form for the average reader to understand. I sometimes get a little quirky in my writing, but that makes it fun!
I do a lot of creative things like photography, paintings, making jewelry and so much more. I like cooking and baking. I enjoy reading a good book..
I am 80% deaf. I'm happily married..With a grown daughter and son..

Cathy Hodgson's Works:

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The House On The

The trees they sway and reflect from the broken glass window
The flash from the approaching electrical storm is the only light seen from it's pane.

The torn curtain looks like a human disfigured and old..
Watching for the uninvited guest

The old black iron gate makes for a nervous moan.
As it sways with the wind.
In the distance a wolf cry's as the moon is covered by a dark cloud.

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