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Cathy Shao Poems

1. Blessings For Someone Who's Ill 8/21/2012
2. A Baby Talks To A Stranger 8/23/2012
3. Go To See The World 10/30/2012
4. Young Vs. Old 10/31/2012
5. A Black Dragonfly 7/30/2013
6. A Leaf 7/30/2013
7. What's In Care 8/16/2013
8. Hearing And Munching 8/16/2013
9. Facts That I Know From A Mystery 8/16/2013
10. Definition Of “hard” 8/16/2013
11. Definition Of A Writer 8/16/2013
12. No More Worries 8/16/2013
13. A Dun-Colored Sparrow 8/16/2013
14. Wind Chill On A Summer Day 8/23/2012
15. Written On A Women's Day 3/13/2013
16. Almond Cheese 3/13/2013
17. A Moth 8/30/2013
18. E.T.Hall (1976) 6/6/2014
19. Oleander 6/6/2014
20. Go Before Your Flow Goes Dry 8/26/2014
21. An Apple Falls From A Tree 8/16/2013
22. The Fish 8/16/2013
23. A Cactus Dies 8/21/2012
24. A Butterfly In Love With A Flower 3/24/2015
25. There Is A Place Beyond Ambition 8/16/2013
26. Don'T Tell A Lie 10/31/2012
27. She Is My Love 8/21/2012
28. When The Old Leaves Were Drooping 8/16/2013
29. A Goldfish 7/30/2013
30. Stone Story 8/30/2013
31. About Life 8/21/2012
32. On Being Called A Considerate Soul Who Has Good Memory 10/25/2012
33. A Girl Named Bray 8/22/2012
34. A Child's Response To A Mother's Scolding 11/1/2012

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Best Poem of Cathy Shao

A Child's Response To A Mother's Scolding

Harsh words can make a child cry
Have you ever heard them in a lullaby?
Wiping tears from my face
As a way of condolence?
You have no rights to make people cry!
It's the thing I want to clarify!
If you know my pain
Next time you'll keep your anger in rein

The parent's response

Scolding is not to invite you to cry
Life is not a lullaby
Take my advice
Things are not always nice
Don't blame others for your tears
Instead be thankful with prayers
I'm sorry I lost temper
Next time I'll try humor

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Go To See The World

I long to see the world
Where should I go first?

There's a song called
Go to See GuiLin When You Graduate
A song I loved
When I was still a high school student

For many years the song was unheard

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