Catie Belle Stark

Rookie (08/22/94 / Des Moines, IA)

Biography of Catie Belle Stark

Catie Belle Stark is a fledgling poet and actress from Des Moines, IA. She enjoys movies, TV, pulp fiction and spending time with her pets. Catie went through a dark phase in middle school when she was very depressed and lonely but turned her pain into beauty through poetry. Her favorite shows are Arressted Developemnt, Justified, Star Trek, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Dr. Who and The Shield. Poetry is a long time hobby of Catie's and she really enjoys writing. Updates

Dead Whispers

The moon stands high in the sky,
Pale as a vampire's smile,
My body casts a long shadow over the graveyard,
The lost souls whisper to me,
Calling me to hear their stories,
I lie down and press my head against the cold hard earth,
I close my eyes.

The voices tell me how the earth holds peace,

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