Catie Belle Stark

Rookie (08/22/94 / Des Moines, IA)

Biography of Catie Belle Stark

Catie Belle Stark is a fledgling poet and actress from Des Moines, IA. She enjoys movies, TV, pulp fiction and spending time with her pets. Catie went through a dark phase in middle school when she was very depressed and lonely but turned her pain into beauty through poetry. Her favorite shows are Arressted Developemnt, Justified, Star Trek, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Dr. Who and The Shield. Poetry is a long time hobby of Catie's and she really enjoys writing. Updates

The Stone Angel

I sit beneath the stone angel,
Her face is hard and grey,
As she stares upon the rows of the mismatched tombstones,
She is the guardian of the cemetery,
She watches over the dead,
Everything that her stone gaze falls upon,
Is filled with awe and respect,

I glace at the surrounding tombstones,

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