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  • Rafique Farooqi (1/31/2010 12:52:00 AM)

    She is tender hearted creature from heavens. Her words
    are flickering bright stars, . Her vision is vast, and she believes in eternity.Her style is approaching and convincing.Her poems are soothing to heart and mind.Her soul wanders in depths of horizons.

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  • Metin Sahin (1/21/2010 9:57:00 AM)

    catrina.ç..porincess of poetry.I wiş sh ı wrote lı ke you.Happy new year metin...sahin

  • Eyan Desir (12/22/2009 3:40:00 AM)

    Where roses find beauty
    On the philippines shores
    Sits a talent wordsmith
    With inner beauty
    That passes red roses
    Seated in paradise

    You have done well
    You have painted words
    More beautiful than
    the painter's brush

    Fools will never understand beauty
    It's a privilege to read your pages
    It's wonderful, poetic and powerful
    Sometimes I am afraid to say hello

    Thank you for sharing your poetry with us..
    Poems this good should be publish!

    Cartina's pages are filled with love and warmth
    Vote and leave comments
    For I am sure, this will give the poetess
    A zeal to produce better poems...

    I pray one day my beauty
    Could be as beautiful as hers...
    Keep it up be strong and keep
    Painting words Cartina....

  • young writer Athira (11/23/2009 11:33:00 PM)

    you are such a great poetess...thanks for that wonderful comment.......

  • Phillip Sawatzky (10/8/2009 1:12:00 AM)

    Ms Catrina, You make it difficult to have any repetoire with you, when you make your comments about my poems, but I can't respond to you. Maybe you want to keep your distance, maybe you don't want to hear anything personal, I don't know. I won't tell you what I really think of your poetry, won't tell you what's going on here. And you no doubt don't want to know what people really think. Fear and anxiety, thats where its at. Why not come out and mingle with the masses? Or just go away and find another place to be a princess of poetry?

  • Vinod Ak (8/25/2009 12:44:00 AM)


  • Sarwar Chowdhury Sarwar Chowdhury (8/24/2009 1:29:00 PM)

    This is a poetess whose pearlescent verses has been touching successfully my inquisitive mind. I read her with much zeal. Her highly persuasive words engulfing true lover minds I think!

    Long live dear Catrina!

    Sarwar chowdhury

  • Meggie Gultiano Meggie Gultiano (8/7/2009 5:28:00 AM)

    being read by a Catrina Heart is an honor and a privilege.I was hesitant to communicate with her for the first time.I was wrong. She live by her name..HEART...
    Her writing style is refreshing.Endowed with the gift of wisdom, she shared her innermost feelings to us, .A very talented poet.I guess, when God gave the gift of writing, she was an hour earlier than me to wake up to receive this gift.(LOL, , joke, joke)
    thank you, Catrina, for this wonderful privilege of having you as one of my latest friend here in PH..
    God bless you a hundredfold..

    Love and hugs,

  • Shashendra Amalshan (7/29/2009 1:20:00 AM)

    Hello My dear Ma'am! ! ! !

    You can be rated among the best poets in this site indeed..
    It's been like three months since i came to this site. you are one of those writers when i read a one poem of yours that i want more of that....
    And you experiment lot with your writing too, it s always good to experiment and see how the readers react to your creation.... Keep writing creative poems and don't be afraid to try something new...... a person Catrina Ma'am is very humble too.. I m glad I met so many great friends here more than anything

    best wishes
    with lots of love

  • Ashraful Musaddeq Ashraful Musaddeq (6/6/2009 4:00:00 AM)

    A poet with outstanding intelligence, who—

    a. Always reach inside the event/moment with keen feelings and extract marvelous imageries/metaphors like a duck
    b. Knows how to explore the colors of feeling/imagination
    c. Used to write with non-typical complexities of mind/soul
    d. Is traveling towards destination with never-ending thrust

Best Poem of Catrina Heart

To Moon

The moon renounced to dawn and vanish its waning shine.
She conceded one fray to lose, to win another gasp of time.

Reflection seen on the streams of swirling pools,
There a shadow was hidden behind the twigs of wood keens.

Moon played the strings mellow yet deceiving
As jackals’ lingered for a big gorge at herald’s wave.

Pool within pool, snare within snare, a quick mud
Beyond the desire touch, Venus fly trap sneaks on ground.

Read the full of To Moon

On Rocky Grounds

at the edge of sight
firmament kisses the sea
sea reaching to the skies
entwined in each lark

at dawn or dusk,
where both hate to unite
at birth or death,
where two would never bond

in autumn or spring;
like drought and flood
reverie and reality
meander rocky grounds

4th of November,2009

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