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catty Alonzo Poems

1. None Of These… 4/26/2007
2. What A Shame… 4/26/2007
3. Hallway Kisses 12/30/2007
4. First Kiss, Was It? 12/30/2007
5. Porcelain Doll 6/1/2008
6. Our Painted Fall 6/7/2008
7. Our Kind Of Myth 11/8/2008
8. To Poet In Pain 11/10/2008
9. The Condemned Insolent 11/18/2008
10. ~ 0ooouch ~ 5/7/2009
11. ~ Still I ~ 5/7/2009
12. Love Sick For Mina........... 5/18/2009
13. ~in Your Dreams~ 6/4/2009
14. 4give Me Not.... 7/9/2009
15. ~untitled-01~ 5/3/2010
16. Wanna Be You 5/3/2010
17. Vulnerable Kisses 11/5/2006
18. While You'Re Sleeping 11/5/2006
19. Once Upon A Time 1/20/2009
20. The Piano 2/4/2009
21. Out Of The Imaginary 3/8/2009
22. Rekindled... 3/17/2009
23. Touch Of Dusk… 3/17/2009
24. Betrayed Compassion 11/5/2006
25. Immortality 11/5/2006
26. Within Me 11/5/2006
27. Words And Music 12/17/2006
28. Limbo 7/10/2007
29. Beside You … 3/19/2009
30. ~ B4 Masquerade ~ 5/5/2009
31. Lie Ahead... 9/13/2007
32. ~ Stupid, Stupid Girl~ 5/7/2009
33. Stolen Breath 7/30/2007
34. Brown Stars 8/23/2007
35. Invisible Words Of I Love You 11/18/2006
36. Should Have Not… 3/18/2009
37. Fire 1/20/2009
38. Don'T Close Your Eyes 1/4/2007
39. A Lonely After Life 11/5/2006

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A Lonely After Life

I could breathe freely and feel every inch
on my body the breezes of air that wind
had embraced me,

I can see the light and know that it hurts
my eyes when too much ray of the sun
meets my glance,

I can grasp for a hold when everything
is humid at nightfall when the sun had
just hovers at the surface of the earth,

When I am about to sleep and laid on
my soft bed and start to think where
will I be after life,

I got so scared, I felt so lost, and I felt
alone and felt totally lonely,

I am not sure if I can hold the idea ...

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Don'T Close Your Eyes

Can I really utter directly to you my lexis or merely only until time has end that infamy will not be brought to my senses.

Can I say it now or better will I wait for another tomorrows to come to grasp for more will.

If I will say phrases will it tingle your ear or left it deaf for the rest of my life beneath my fingers and on the tip of my pen and sealed lips.

If tomorrow will not come at least open your eyes and read what my heart has written for you...................


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