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catty Alonzo Poems

1. None Of These… 4/26/2007
2. What A Shame… 4/26/2007
3. Hallway Kisses 12/30/2007
4. First Kiss, Was It? 12/30/2007
5. Porcelain Doll 6/1/2008
6. Our Painted Fall 6/7/2008
7. Our Kind Of Myth 11/8/2008
8. To Poet In Pain 11/10/2008
9. The Condemned Insolent 11/18/2008
10. ~ 0ooouch ~ 5/7/2009
11. ~ Still I ~ 5/7/2009
12. Love Sick For Mina........... 5/18/2009
13. ~in Your Dreams~ 6/4/2009
14. 4give Me Not.... 7/9/2009
15. ~untitled-01~ 5/3/2010
16. Wanna Be You 5/3/2010
17. Vulnerable Kisses 11/5/2006
18. While You'Re Sleeping 11/5/2006
19. Once Upon A Time 1/20/2009
20. The Piano 2/4/2009
21. Out Of The Imaginary 3/8/2009
22. Rekindled... 3/17/2009
23. Touch Of Dusk… 3/17/2009
24. Betrayed Compassion 11/5/2006
25. Immortality 11/5/2006
26. Within Me 11/5/2006
27. Words And Music 12/17/2006
28. Limbo 7/10/2007
29. Beside You … 3/19/2009
30. ~ B4 Masquerade ~ 5/5/2009
31. Lie Ahead... 9/13/2007
32. ~ Stupid, Stupid Girl~ 5/7/2009
33. Stolen Breath 7/30/2007
34. Brown Stars 8/23/2007
35. Invisible Words Of I Love You 11/18/2006
36. Should Have Not… 3/18/2009
37. Fire 1/20/2009
38. Don'T Close Your Eyes 1/4/2007
39. A Lonely After Life 11/5/2006

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A Lonely After Life

I could breathe freely and feel every inch
on my body the breezes of air that wind
had embraced me,

I can see the light and know that it hurts
my eyes when too much ray of the sun
meets my glance,

I can grasp for a hold when everything
is humid at nightfall when the sun had
just hovers at the surface of the earth,

When I am about to sleep and laid on
my soft bed and start to think where
will I be after life,

I got so scared, I felt so lost, and I felt
alone and felt totally lonely,

I am not sure if I can hold the idea ...

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What A Shame…

I just can’t seem to sleep when I am inside of you,
Kept floating into never-ending dreams and in perpetual bareness with my own solitude, but with you alone still I can dream, can’t I?

For so many times I’ve tried to loosen up but how can really my soul escape this body when on this realm of ours I only existed because of you.

To no where these desires might lead but what can I do, the more I wanted to stop thinking of you the further you mature inside me that I myself can no longer ba

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