cauna natsumi

Rookie (10/17/92 / california)

Biography of cauna natsumi

I'm a teenage girl who always hold her feelings inside till I got anxiety and depression.
Now God showed me a way to get my feelings out
and it was on paper. I've been writing poems for 2 yrs now different poems I write is to relate to people and that have to do with my life
the dark depressing one's I like to write about a lot
some of them relate to me
sometimes I surprise myself at how dark they can be.
hope everyone enjoys my poems: 3 Updates

Part Of Our Story

I had good reasons
for what I've done
it was out of love
for the both of us
not just one
one was getting annoyed by this one girl
the other was afraid emotions will start sparking again
between them
so I asked him to make a choice

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