Cecelia Weir Poems

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Can You See Me Now

God uses the flesh to allow us to identify ourselves
Yet it is the spirit of the soul that He knows.

How Right You Are

Its not how wrong the world is
Its how right you are in it.

Turning The Knob

Keeps things on the inside
Turning the knob
Keeps things on the outside.

The Take Over

The inner man waits for you to let the Holy Spirit take over
Because growing tired is a job within itself.
Tired of the battles of ones own soul
Tired of the whispers of confusion

The People Did It

People will create something on you
Tell it to others
Others will watch you for the creation
Truth or not

Sounds Like Blood Pressure

The heart beats to the rhythm of the mind
By the impulse of daily routine.
The heart then stresses, expresses and relays
To, on and within the flesh

Keep Your Covenant With God

If God gives you a thought
He has already ordained it to be so.
Call it out for its Already Done.

Walk Not In The Shadows

Choose not to walk
Beneath the shadows of your own character
Nor lie hostage to a broken dream.
But choose to lean forward

Shadows Of Low Self Esteem

Choose not to walk with the shadows
Even of your own character
Nor lie hostage beneath your dreams
But lean forward against the wind


Worry promotes trouble
Trouble implants fear
Fear exposes doubt
And can cause you to drop a tear.