Cecelia Weir Poems

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Blind When You Can See

Have You Tried Again

If you have applied yourself
To do your best
And studied hard to pass the test
But you failed;

Have You Tried Again?

If you have applied yourself
To do your best,
And studied hard to pass the test.
But you failed;

Revelation Rider

Deep on the inside
There's someone with grace.
They keep up with your thoughts
And they keep up with your pace.

Under The Shadow

Over my head
I see it covers me.
It scares away the would be snares
It really takes care of me.

Take It Truth

Take it truth and fix the lie
That lives beneath the soul.
The one that everybody seems to know
The lie that where truth don't get told.

Ole Lonely Me

Ole lonely me was not at home
When love came knocking at my door.
I felt the pains of yesteryear
I didn't want to love any more.

You Fell On The Sidewalk

They played cards
They went to the casino
They were having fun
Not bothering anyone.

This Morning

This morning is going to be a wonderful day
I can feel it in my bones
Not an unkind word will even come my way.

Up And At It

What is up and at it
When there's so much to do
Its always something pressing
It makes you run and do.