Cecelia Weir Poems

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Down At The Crossroads

Down at the crossroads
At the four way stop sign.
Stands a man who knows about the Lord
But only counts the restlessness

Simply Really

It was dark
It was light.
It was wrong
It was right.

A Brighter You

Friendship Yourself

Have you really had a friend on earth
That stick closer than whose brother.
They laugh and cry and visit you
But their motive is for something other.

Beware Of Yourself

Beware of your yourself.
For your own intelligence;
It can actually reveal
How ignorant you are.

Psychological Hyponosis

Psychological Hypnosis
Is played as a dangerous game.
You never know where its coming from
Or how you'll end up tamed.

What Is Ignorance

If someone does something
From the ignorance of their heart.
what is there to complain about?

Hold Back The Night

I stand out dazed from wonder
Of what the next day will send.
Will I see the trees sway?
Or will I bend from a turbulent wind.

Love Looks Both Ways

At a stop sign
We stop to look both ways.
Love looks both ways.

The Little Prostitute

I looked into the eyes of a young prostitute
And asked why are you out and about
She said she lived in poverty
And had to make it without a doubt.