Cecelia Weir

Rookie - 261 Points (March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Cecelia Weir Quotes

  • ''It takes no courage to fight an enemy but much strength to stand against a friend.''
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  • ''Many people just can't stand or believe you can be born with a clean heart or a clear mind. They hate you even more when you struggle to avoid the trouble of them.''
  • ''The grass does grow
    The rains causes floods
    The earth does quake
    Tornadoes do travel
    And age, age grows older
    While all man has are warnings.''
    Power of Nature
  • ''You are not mediocrity
    You are royalty.''
    Self Worth
  • ''How beautiful are the lily's that grow
    The flowers that bloom in spring.
    The towering height of an old oak tree
    Just standing to protect me.
    Like birds eagerly in the morning sings
    The inspiration of laughter, love and joy
    That only a friendship like this can bring.''
    God's Friendship
  • ''If you think others are inside the box; Guess who is left outside, as the prey.''
  • ''Do not accommodate those who don't expect education, prosperity and success from you. Excel, Exceed and Explore beyond their expectations.''
    Excellent Yourself
  • ''Use another's belittling of you as a stepping stone. Leave them in their own mind.''
  • ''Stress is not a killer but a signal for area improvement.''
  • ''Stress is not a killer but a signal for area improvement.''

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Best Poem of Cecelia Weir

O So Lonely

O So Lonely
Are the days gone by.
When others enter your life
Then you push them by.

O So Lonely
When you were in control.
To love them or leave them
You were ever so bold.

O So Lonely
While you sit alone.
No one is there
To make your house a home.

O So Lonely
After all the hearts you break.
Did you ever think it was you
Who you'd really forsake?

O So Lonely
When life was just a dare.
You didn't take time to love
You didn't try to care.

O So Lonely
Have you learned the rule?
That its not just about ...

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We Are A People

We are a people
Not worried about skin.
Who knows where we're all from
Who knows our next of kin.

We are a people
Who have no time.
To make out things
On the other fellows mind.

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