Cecelia Weir

Rookie - 261 Points (March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Cecelia Weir Quotes

  • ''People will keep you bound by their control; if you show how much you depend on them.''
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  • ''Be careful when you're in need not to befriend people who see or use you to set themselves upon a shelf. Do without until you can do for yourself. Work your way through. You're intelligent enough to do it.''
  • ''Beware of your intelligence; it always reveal who you are.''
  • ''The integrity of ones dignity should always be aware of the approach of ignorance.''
  • ''Your life is a book; it has visions, it builds dreams. You should live it from cover to cover. Don't let the reader assume anything: You create the mental scene, you give the emotional intensity, you develop its reality, you create the Life of the Book.''
  • ''Sin kills the flesh; Love heals the soul.''
  • ''Don't turn around when offended; there are more people that respect you for the good you've done than those who disrespect you for their misunderstanding.''
  • ''The spiritual existence of the soul proves the human exposure of nature; therefore creating a balance of responsible behavior.''
  • ''It is the spirit of the wind that proclaims its understanding by the result of external order.''
  • ''The parts of me that wishes to bring me down, are the same parts of me that encourages me to lift myself up.''

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Best Poem of Cecelia Weir

O So Lonely

O So Lonely
Are the days gone by.
When others enter your life
Then you push them by.

O So Lonely
When you were in control.
To love them or leave them
You were ever so bold.

O So Lonely
While you sit alone.
No one is there
To make your house a home.

O So Lonely
After all the hearts you break.
Did you ever think it was you
Who you'd really forsake?

O So Lonely
When life was just a dare.
You didn't take time to love
You didn't try to care.

O So Lonely
Have you learned the rule?
That its not just about ...

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Wake But Not A-W-A-K-E

They see their way
Through pain and sufferings.
But never trying to fulfill
Their completion to overcome.
Just barely is enough for them.
Wake But Not A-w-a-k-e.

They criticize one another
They complain about what others do.

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