Champion Chris

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Champion Chris Poems

41. The Question 2/21/2012
42. Nightlight In My Nightmare 3/20/2012
43. Revenge At It's Greatest 4/4/2012
44. I Don'T Deserve Forgiveness 2/21/2012
45. I'Ll Always Be Yours 2/21/2012
46. Take Me Away 4/12/2012
Best Poem of Champion Chris

Take Me Away

You've held my hand, and kissed my lips
Sent jolts of lightning, through my fingertips

Love has combined, with the hatred within
You've made me alive, resurrected again

You were the one, that called from the light
To me from the darkness, bring me back from the fight

We met unnaturally, in a place of determination
My heart quickly opened, for your divinity concentration

Now that you've read this, surely you know
This is more than a revelation, this is to show

So take me away, from this hell
And show me true love, outside of this ...

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The Templar

If nothing was true, and everything was permitted,

We would be due, to a fate worse than death-admitted,

Our eyes would be blind, our voice be silenced,

The prophets life, shall soon lose license,

The Arbiter roars, the Soldier is born,

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