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121. Envy Is Not Good For Your Beauty 7/3/2011
122. Shadows 8/6/2011
123. When Death Becomes A Cleaning Agent 8/24/2011
124. Uncertainties 8/24/2011
125. Of Hope And Love 1/2/2012
126. On Love 1/2/2012
127. I Don'T Know 1/2/2012
128. Can I Borrow Your Love? 1/2/2012
129. Of Love And Fortune 1/2/2012
130. They Are Just Words 1/2/2012
131. Inside The Wrappings 1/2/2012
132. This Too Shall Pass 6/22/2011
133. Changes 7/3/2011
134. Like Water 7/3/2011
135. Contentment 1/3/2012
136. Little Love 1/3/2012
137. The Demons You’ve Created 1/4/2012
138. Love Can 1/4/2012
139. I'M Here For You 1/4/2012
140. Youth 1/5/2012
141. Love's Strength 1/7/2012
142. Travelling Life With Love 1/7/2012
143. A Very Good Morning 1/12/2012
144. Simple Miracles 1/13/2012
145. Don’t Let Our Love Be… 1/3/2012
146. Golden Sunset 1/20/2012
147. Love Is An Eraser 1/20/2012
148. Love Is 1/22/2012
149. Creating Music 1/24/2012
150. The Pilgrim 1/25/2012
151. Vapor Promises 1/25/2012
152. Nonchalance 1/24/2012
153. Love Is A Jewel 1/26/2012
154. Love Is An Oasis 1/28/2012
155. Love Strengthens Every Mother 1/28/2012
156. Happiness In A Vice 1/28/2012
157. Let Your Words Be 1/29/2012
158. Heap Of Ashes 1/30/2012
159. Find Love 1/30/2012
160. Snake Skin 1/30/2012

Comments about Champs Ulysses Cabinatan

  • Zackery Klocke (12/4/2015 2:12:00 PM)

    Zackery Klocke
    801 Nile Kinnick Dr. S
    Adel, Iowa 50003

    December 4,2015

    Dear Champs Ulysses Cabinatan,

    When I first looked at this poem I thought it was going to be just another boring poem about basketball and how it takes work to be the best. But after I started reading it I realized it was nothing like that. It gave advice and was relatable in so many ways. It made me feel like if I took the words of this poem to heart I could achieve many great things in my life. It really made me think a different way of how to live. “Play with enthusiasm and joy”. This line also affected the way I act towards my friends and family and everyone around me.

    I Chose this poem because I love to play basketball and thought that it might be cool to read a poem on one of my favorite things to do but I didn’t know that it would change the way I think or the way I do things in my life. For example, before I read this poem I took the easy way out of everything. Did minimum work, didn’t listen to my teachers, and was pretty much lazy and took everything for granted. But after reading this poem I realized how much better I could be and how much more I could achieve if i actually started applying myself to everything I do in life. So I started doing all my homework and listening closely to the teachers and trying to understand everything that they taught me. I also started to apply myself more to more than just school like basketball and also helping around the house a lot more with chores and babysitting.”So keep an eye on the ball and focus on the goal”. This line from the poem also made me think about what goals I want to have in life and how to achieve them. Like making more friends is a goal of mine. I thought of what i wanted and the way to achieve it. The way I thought of to achieve this one is to talk to people I don’t normally talk to or hang out with. Another goal is to get a pay raise at my job. My steps to achieve it was to ask what needed to get done and then get it done and move on to the next thing and to also work as best as I possibly could.

    So after reading your poem I want to really thank you for changing the way I think and act about everything I do. I also want to thank you for putting it in words that I can relate to and apply in my everyday life so thank you.


    Zackery Klocke

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Best Poem of Champs Ulysses Cabinatan


Where you are

Wherever you are

when the sun is shining

when the rain is pouring

when life seems stagnant

when you fall on the ground

Bounce back

With or without a
booming sound

everywhere and everyday,


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I Allow Myself

I allow myself to be happy
Let go of those unwanted memories

I allow myself to move on
And hold on to those beliefs that will make me strong

I allow myself to love again
Free the past that causes the pain

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