Chandler Yates

Rookie (July 13,1993 / Los Angeles, California)

Biography of Chandler Yates

All the things I write come from my thoughts and experiences. I wouldn't necesarily call them poems, to me the name doesn't fit. My name for them is writings. Bland I know but what else to call them besides poems? The truth is at first I wanted to be a drawer. Turns out that I'm terrible at drawing. Instead I had the gift of writing, excluding school essays for some reason. The irony of it all is that my mother is very artistic. One would think that trait of her's would pass down to me. Guess it wasn't to be so.

Chandler Yates's Works:

None Updates

How Do You Know?

How do you know when you are really attracted to someone? Is it when you can't wait to see them again? Or maybe when you start to have dreams about them? Perhaps when you can't stop thinking about them? Maybe even when you want the weekend to end just so you can go to school to see them? Could it be when you would sacrafice all your to be with the

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