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Chandra Hohmann Poems

1. Tears 6/17/2005
2. Christmas Morning And B.B Guns 6/17/2005
3. He Knows 6/17/2005
4. Her Future 6/17/2005
5. Johnny's Going To Jail 6/17/2005
6. Love-Like 6/17/2005
7. My Gay Agenda 6/17/2005
8. At The Club 6/17/2005
9. So Far Away 6/17/2005
10. Crazy 6/17/2005
11. Expendable 6/17/2005
12. Falling Apart Town 6/17/2005
13. I Always Hated Him 6/17/2005
14. I Give Up 6/17/2005
15. Just Another Saturday Night 6/17/2005
16. Not Ready 6/17/2005
17. Ocean 6/17/2005
18. Papa 6/17/2005
19. Crumpled Dreams 6/17/2005
20. Wonder Boy 6/17/2005
21. Worries 6/17/2005
22. Straight Girl 6/17/2005
23. Eden 6/17/2005
24. Can'T You See Daddy? 6/17/2005
25. War Crimes 6/17/2005

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War Crimes

Hypocrisy and lies run rampant
As the youth lose faith

Always taught
In our schools

That man is man
And we are all equal
We all deserve the same rights

That our mission is to bring this to everyone

Yet look at this
Prisoners of a war that is not a war
Denied all rights

We take advantage of the fact that
Despite the bombs
And the death
This war is not official

All laws are ignored
Injured men left to rot
Or killed

Prisoners humiliated
Stripped of everything
Forced to stand for days at a time
Hoods on ...

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He Knows

His daddy comes home aching from lifting heavy boxes all day
The doctors say he needs a break but there’s bills to be paid
And his momma’s crying again
His sister, they say, is a crackhead

He says
I’m a tired of living this way
This paycheck to paycheck crap
Cause its balls to the walls every damn day

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