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I hail from a tiny village near Bangalore, India. a graduate of law and a post graduate of commerce and management, currently practicing law as an independent counsel at the Hon'ble Courts of Bengaluru and served in electronic media, IT and NBFC industries for over 2 decades and having an immense passion for life, nature and learning, deeply interested in theatre, music and literature. I write in Kannada and in English and have published my first collection of poems in Kannada titled as “Mussanjeya Mukhaamukhi” and in English 'Paradise of Fantasies'.

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'Mussanjeya Mukhaamukhi' a collection of poems in Kannada and 'Paradise of Fantasies' in English Updates

A Posy Poet!

A poet must be really crazy
He chooses to understate,
And at times overstates
He yells, laughs and screams
And is quick to embrace solitude
And devour oblivion,
He changes like sun,
Moon and the season