Chanel Jackson

Chanel Jackson Poems

1. Letting Go 1/31/2007
2. Missing You 4/13/2007
3. Inexplicable Inferno 4/13/2007
4. My Stolen Heart 5/19/2007
5. This Is What You Do 6/17/2007
6. These Words Are Mine (Coming From My Heart And Soul) 1/7/2008
7. To Love Him 2/23/2008
8. Wildfire 2/23/2008
9. Bittersweet Goodbye 2/23/2008
10. I Am Woman 3/4/2008
11. Back To Reality 3/5/2008
12. The Way Life Goes 3/13/2008
13. What I Write (Nothing More, Nothing Less) 3/29/2008
14. My Heart Will Go On 10/9/2006
15. I Am A Fighter 10/26/2006
16. Imprisoned 10/9/2007
17. God's Many Graces 5/14/2007
18. Against The Pain 5/19/2007
19. It's Sad How Things Come To An End 1/6/2008
20. Looking In The Mirror... 6/17/2007
21. Yea Kimmy 4/13/2007
22. Am I Good Enough? 3/4/2007
23. Silence Kills 10/24/2006
24. Sibling Rivalry 11/15/2006
25. A Child's Cry 1/31/2007

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Best Poem of Chanel Jackson

A Child's Cry

Everyday it’s a struggle
with expectations so high.
Yet you still grumble
“That won’t get you by.”

I’m tired of reaching
Seems like I'm getting no where
but daddy keeps preaching
“No one said life’s fair”

So I keep reaching
but there’s still doubt.
(He keeps screeching.)
But I give up with a pout.

Now he’s disappointed,
can’t look me in the face.
Feeling guilty, I ask myself
“How could you? ” in disgrace.

Home no longer the same,
Tension all around,
Driving me insane
but I am still homebound.

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Am I Good Enough?

Am I good enough?
It’s a question we all ask.
It echoes persistently in our ears,
As we wonder in fear
What is the answer?
Countless times of failure,
And you wonder,
But you try to suppress it

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