Changhee Lee

Changhee Lee Quotes

  • ''All of life's decisions start with these two. Will you choose to live? Or will you choose to die.''
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  • ''First I cried from shock.
    Second I cried from pain.
    Third I cried because I my parents weren't there.
    Fourth I cried because they didn't care.
    Fifth I cried because no one else helped me.
    Sixth I cried from fustration.
    Seventh I cried from despair.
    Eighth I stood up.
    Ninth I stopped crying.
    Tenth I told myself 'It's alright'.''
    Life and pain.

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Darker Than Black

The color of my heart is black
It eats everything just like that
My soul cries out in the dark
And my mind is burning up
As the floor fills with my blood.
The air becomes so cold.
The world is rejecting me,
And the cold is anointing me.
So stay away from me.

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