Changhee Lee

Changhee Lee Quotes

  • ''All of life's decisions start with these two. Will you choose to live? Or will you choose to die.''
    life. truth
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  • ''First I cried from shock.
    Second I cried from pain.
    Third I cried because I my parents weren't there.
    Fourth I cried because they didn't care.
    Fifth I cried because no one else helped me.
    Sixth I cried from fustration.
    Seventh I cried from despair.
    Eighth I stood up.
    Ninth I stopped crying.
    Tenth I told myself 'It's alright'.''
    Life and pain.

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Only After They'Re Gone.

Only after they're gone is it that you realize that the emptiness that was filled by their presence is now empty again.

That you miss them for they were dear to you and that you will miss them until that emptyness is once again filled.

Only after they're gone is it that you who was once proud and tall, strong and cold, was changed by the very actions of 'they' without you even noticing it.

How the wonders that they wrought in my life so far amazes me. How the actions of a single human b

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