Changu Chilwesa

Rookie (29-04-1987 / Mazabuka, Zambia)

Biography of Changu Chilwesa

Is Jesus Crazed, without him, iam nothing.Started to write when i was as little.The only comfort i have ever known is paper and pen.Currently working on a memoir called 'after meditation'. Updates

Peace, Be Still!

People will let you down, one time too many. Will you ever learn? Is the question you concurrently
Ask yourself. Some have left you on the cold and lonely street; they have left you to die. Food and clothes
They give you not, but when they see your naked body as though the shame you are covered in is not
Enough, they laugh and jeer at you. The comfort of a warm loving home, you have never known. For you
Were thrown out of safe haven, tears you have turned into your daily

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