Changu Chilwesa

Rookie (29-04-1987 / Mazabuka, Zambia)

Biography of Changu Chilwesa

Is Jesus Crazed, without him, iam nothing.Started to write when i was as little.The only comfort i have ever known is paper and pen.Currently working on a memoir called 'after meditation'. Updates

Simply Reconcile Me

In a desert have I found myself, I look up yonder to the mountains high and below to the valleys deep this time I ask not from whence cometh my help? Against mighty men on horses have I raced in search of thee. My soul weary, my spirit weak and my body lifeless, I am simply nothing without you. It is clear I need thee to survive. Am starving, I feel so malnourished. My throat so dry, this thirsting not even an ocean would quench. Under the scotching sun, I lie in wait of you

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