Chantealy Hall

Rookie (July 19,2011 / Las Vegas)

Biography of Chantealy Hall

Chantealy Hall poet

Was taken away from her Father at 18 months, she struggled to get through live with an abusive mother who sold herself for drugs. Now at 14 she is a strong willed, never back down, young woman. Updates

Forgive Me

I'm selfish. I know you were there. You knew I loved you, you never cared.
How was I to know? You beat me and broke me, now it's time to go.
Killing me slowly. Breaking me beautifully. My love never ends.
You ripped me away from family and friends.
You broke my heart and destroyed all of my love trends.
Now I'm leaving you behind.
I'm kicking you out of my house and my mind.
How can I leave you after all these years, you ask as I cry?
Well my love, it's because I'm going to die, I'm co

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