Chantel Braatz Biography

Hey my name is Chantel and I live all by myself in a town over from where I grew up. I started college, and it would be better if I wasnt going part time and working full time. I started writting poems at a young age, have not wrote one in a couple of years, and wish I had time to do so. There are people out there that like to be mean and write bad comments on peoples poems, thats stupid and immature SO GROW UP! The one thing that I've learned is write a poem about your feelings and they tend to be the poems everyone loves instead of ones you have to force out. If it dont make sense or it doesnt rhyme thats ok because some of mine dont. Those tend to be the ones everyone can feel the emotions in, and thats what us as poets like to accomplish. So be respectful of others poems, you might not like them but they might have meaning to the poet, so be respectful.

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