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well hey people! i am chantel but my friends call me TEARS! i love writtin songs and writtin poems! i have asthma but i have never let it hold me back! if u have read some of my poems then u know i have trouble with pickin the right men! ! ! but my heart has adjusted! ! i play volleyball, tennis, basketball, and sometimes football with my 3 older brothers! ! in my spear time i like writtin songs! ! and writtin poems! ! i also like to sing even tho ii aint the best at it! ! it take my mind off of things! ! i have alot of problem in my family! ! so wriitn songs and poems jus takes me away from all that wen i need to be saved! ! i am very sweet as u can tell! ! and i think i am BEAUTIFUL! ! so no one can bring me down cuz i stopped carin what poeple thought of me alone time ago! ! i can be an a$$ sometimes but i usually have a reason! ! lol i am also very funny so READ MY POEM AND LET ME KNOW WHAT U THINK! ! ! ! ! PLEASE THANK U! ! ! *KISSES* Updates

I Dont Like The Fact

i dont like the fact that i think of you all day!
dont like the fact that the thought of you wont go away!
i dont like the fact that you use me for the wrong!
dont like the fact that you were a lie all along!
but i think about it now, and all i see
is not being able to trust anyone, even me!
the way you appearred was different from the way you turned out!
you lied when you kissed me and said this was all you were about!
you lied when you said that you never planed on it turning ou

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