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well hey people! i am chantel but my friends call me TEARS! i love writtin songs and writtin poems! i have asthma but i have never let it hold me back! if u have read some of my poems then u know i have trouble with pickin the right men! ! ! but my heart has adjusted! ! i play volleyball, tennis, basketball, and sometimes football with my 3 older brothers! ! in my spear time i like writtin songs! ! and writtin poems! ! i also like to sing even tho ii aint the best at it! ! it take my mind off of things! ! i have alot of problem in my family! ! so wriitn songs and poems jus takes me away from all that wen i need to be saved! ! i am very sweet as u can tell! ! and i think i am BEAUTIFUL! ! so no one can bring me down cuz i stopped carin what poeple thought of me alone time ago! ! i can be an a$$ sometimes but i usually have a reason! ! lol i am also very funny so READ MY POEM AND LET ME KNOW WHAT U THINK! ! ! ! ! PLEASE THANK U! ! ! *KISSES* Updates

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i sit here wonderin why it was ever me
i dont see how you cut me to see my heart bleed
you knew my story bout my ex and what he did
i cant wait to see your face when i tell you what you said
i hate this moment where all i see is you
me being your puppet and slowly being used
you lie bout everything jus to make me feel
that evrything we did seemed or felt real
you seen i was an easy target cuz i get attached to quick

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