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Rookie (Feb 7th 1991 / Toronto)

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Chantelle Clark poet

I am a 17 year old teenager who lives in the country, a quiet life full of hardcore study halls and a lot of sports. I tend to spend most of my time studying and working on my academics with an average over 90, and I also play soccer for my city. I play basketball and soccer for my school. In my leisure time I take to writing short stories (prose) , lyrics and poetry; poetry being the better liking of the three. Anyways if you'd like to get to know me or have any requests or suggestions please feel free to message me.

Chantelle Clark

Chantelle Clark's Works:

I have a poem published in Timeless Voices. The poem is Through Adults Eyes. Updates


Through a child's eyes, falling leaves are a delight,
colours of joy, not one bit of spite.
A walk in the park is in a child's heart,
but to some its a walk in the dark.
A pesky fly, a buzzing bee to me its life's harmoney.
Seeing Nature bloom within Spring,
watching the water wheel go around the ring.

All of this is beautiful to some but to many its another day with no fun. How come we see beautiful things when others just look through rose coloured glasses to see what they need?

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