chantelle ribeiro

Rookie (1970/10/07 / South Africa - Johannesburg)

chantelle ribeiro Poems

161. Your Confession 10/28/2012
162. I Love You... 2/16/2012
163. Sometimes You Crack... 5/5/2012
164. Wait For You... 1/25/2013
165. A Mother's Day Poem (2) 5/11/2012
166. Yellow Roses... (A Mother's Day Poem (3)) 5/11/2012
167. You Took My Breath Away... 2/20/2012
168. Behind Those Eyes 10/14/2011
169. Beauty Lives In History 9/2/2011
170. A Haunted Past... 9/16/2011
171. There Where You Are 10/6/2011
172. The Wheel Turns... 7/8/2011
173. For Angela... 5/13/2011
174. Thoughtless Words... 8/27/2011
175. Life Is A Beautiful Ride... 8/13/2011
176. Abused... 8/12/2011
177. I Am Home To Stay... 6/25/2011
178. Time To Let It Be... 6/19/2011
179. Invincible... 6/17/2011
180. A Poem Is Born 6/12/2011
181. An Illusion ... 6/12/2011
182. I Am A Woman 5/13/2011
183. Awakening From Myself... 6/18/2011
184. I Will Still Be There... 6/30/2011
185. A Grieving Mother... 8/15/2011
186. I Will Fly.... 10/8/2011
187. We Go Through Life 4/5/2012
188. A Mothers Day Poem 5/13/2011
189. The Passing Of Time 5/13/2011
190. If An Abused Dog Could Speak... 8/20/2011
191. I'M Your Friend - A Poem For A Friend Who Is Following Her Destiny 10/21/2011
192. Pretentious People... 11/26/2011
193. A New Chapter... 1/25/2013
194. The Lost Girl... 11/2/2011
195. The Ghost That Led Me Astray 6/18/2011
196. A Father's Day Poem... 6/17/2011
197. Longing... 7/1/2012
198. The Mystery Of Life... 4/16/2012
199. Black... 5/5/2012
200. A Friend... 1/21/2012

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  • Cindy Hauser (7/17/2011 1:05:00 PM)

    Like your poems a lot. I am busy analyzing a few of your poems for a school project of mine. I would really like to know more about yourself for my project, like what inspired you to write the poems, a woman's strength, i am a women, a mothers day poem and falling in love and; When and why did you start writing poems etc. would really appreciate it if you could get back to me by Tuesday, thanks a lot

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Best Poem of chantelle ribeiro

The Old Man On A Bench...

An old man on a withered bench
Down by the ocean's end
Staring at the stormy sky
wondering if she's there up high
watching him sit in their favorite spot
where he wrote - forget me not...
'Here is the bench where we would sit
you and I a perfect fit'
He whispers softly to the wind
and wishes she would hear
how he misses her
or wipe the tear
that silently creeps down his face
as he remembers a time and place
Her lively eyes
Her soft grey hair
Memories so bitter-sweet
are all he has of her
And in his gnarled old hand
he lovingly holds her ...

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I Am A Woman

I am a Woman
Worthy of a Kingdom
A jewel, rare and exquisite
Mysterious as the night
Deep as the ocean
Vulnerable as a butterfly's wing
I am a Woman
Soul, old as the earth,
Blood liquid passion
Heart, ship of sorrows and hurt
I am a Woman
A mystical being
Beautiful in my complexity

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