Chanyn Fuller

Rookie (4/18/94 / red bank)

Biography of Chanyn Fuller

Chanyn Fuller started her life in 1994. She was very playful, fun loving, and a semi rebellious child. Chanyn never wanted to watch blue clues, but instead would go and investigate something in her backyard. Without her adventurous attitude she wouldn’t have found those baby kittens which inspire her to this day. Jump ahead to where Chanyn is now ten years old, Chanyn’s grandmother is sick and Chanyn visits her as much as possible but knows nothing good will come of her sickly state. As if Chanyn was psychic she refused to go to the hospital the day her grandmother passed. It would have torn her up to see her nanny on the brink of death. However she was still devastated. She refused to talk for two months, but instead she wrote poetry and short stories. All were dedicated to her grandmother.
Now Chanyn has preformed at “Voices” as a creative writing major. She is proud of herself and how far she has come in writing and also in life skills. she still thanks her grandmother, kittens, and friends for inspiring her.
Chanyn mostly wants to thank her teacher Dr. Wilkinson for her prompts, workshops, and inspiring words. Chanyn might of stopped writing if she wasn’t in the creative writing program.

Chanyn Fuller's Works:

None yet but by senior year I will have a poetry book out. Updates

Tough Love

Stinging pain
Loud shrieks
Question why
No response
Again I ask
Drunken slur
'Shut up! '
Tears threaten
Heat burns
Have to tell
Leave this hell

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