Char Pattrick

Rookie (Ireland)

Char Pattrick Poems

1. Rose Dew 9/22/2009
2. One 9/23/2009
3. Chocolate 9/23/2009
4. Baby Feet 9/23/2009
5. Just Let Her Be 9/23/2009
6. In My Dreams 9/24/2009
7. Breeze 9/24/2009
8. Of All That You Did Wrong 9/24/2009
9. Sweet Dreams 9/24/2009
10. Vase Of Roses 9/24/2009
11. Sunshine Hue 9/24/2009
12. Light Day And Night 9/24/2009
13. The Rest Of My Days 9/24/2009
14. Forever Into Sand 9/24/2009
15. Love Shall Always Exist 9/24/2009
16. Shut Your Eyes 9/24/2009
17. I Know How It Feels Too 9/24/2009
18. The Other Side 9/24/2009
19. Undying Wish Just For You 9/24/2009
20. Why 9/24/2009
21. Please 9/24/2009
22. Leaves No Trace 9/24/2009
23. I Keep Dreaming 9/24/2009
24. Take Time 9/24/2009
25. No Such Thing As Sorrow? 9/24/2009
26. Needing You 9/24/2009
27. Weep 9/24/2009
28. Terrible Place 9/24/2009
29. Life Is Beautiful 9/24/2009
30. One Request 9/24/2009
31. Murky Depths 9/24/2009
32. Sunbeams 9/24/2009
33. Life's Luxuries 9/24/2009
34. Water Rushes 9/24/2009
35. This Friend 9/24/2009
36. It Took So Long 9/26/2009
37. Letting Go 9/26/2009
38. Where 9/26/2009
39. Questions 9/26/2009
40. Heartfelt Friendships 9/26/2009

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Best Poem of Char Pattrick

Always Will

Breath lost

Mind shot

Hands shaking

Is this the way it goes

Who would have thought you
I’d give everything for you
I’d rip my heart out for you
Hide from everything for you
Life makes no sense now

My head spins in this love
But yet love is endless to the heart
Love is not conditional
That’s why I can never stop loving
Loving you for you and nothing else

Pain hits the fingers now
My head is spinning with questions
My heart wants to speak to me
But I don’t listen to it right now
Maybe it’s because I’m lost

No ...

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Baby Feet

Nothing shall make you cry or bring you to harm
Angelic toes that have many many miles to go
With joyous passion you are here and not for show
Make the years count and days last a lifetime
As your little hands grow beautiful over this time
Spread your wings and may the sunshine on you
With a smile that melts my heart and others too
This day is yours and always shall be here and now
Show this world what it is and show them how

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