Charles Chaim Wax

Charles Chaim Wax Poems

241. At The Western Heaven 3/20/2006
242. Sonja Watched 12/12/2005
243. A Tale Of True Love 1/18/2006
244. Once Thoroughly Skilled In The Language Of Lust 1/16/2006
245. Above All Things Desirable 1/14/2006
246. After Long Struggle Finally Victory 12/22/2005
247. This Stranger Having Departed Without Any One Suspecting It 1/11/2006
248. Thus Have I Heard: The Lord Buddha Was Traveling Through Brooklyn On The D Train 1/16/2006
249. Here By The Water's Edge 12/11/2005
250. Happiness On A Winter’s Night 3/20/2006
251. Clobbered By Moonlight 1/22/2006
252. A True Child Of The Buddha In Brooklyn 11/7/2005
253. A Paper Coat To Protect Against The Cold 3/9/2006
254. A Wintry Birth 10/16/2005
255. Many Vain Attempts At Escape 3/19/2006
256. A Debt Repaid Years Later 11/5/2005
257. The Lion's Roar 1/9/2006
258. Wandering Stop ‘n Shop In Search Of Slim Jims 2/3/2006
259. The Wound Gaping Wide 3/4/2006
260. Having Been Destroyed In The Womb 1/16/2006
261. A Father's Love 10/20/2005
262. Nothing Beyond Mercy 1/2/2006
263. I Refused The Glance 12/9/2005
264. A Man Of True Worth Extends His Protection To All The Realm 12/31/2005
265. A Tale Of Love 10/23/2005
266. A Meditation On Emptiness 10/11/2005
267. Songs Of The Sea-Coast 3/24/2006
268. A Bold Mission Coming To Naught 11/2/2005
269. A Capacity For Limitless Serenity 3/5/2006
270. A Friend 5/18/2005
271. Years Ago 12/12/2005
272. A Woman Of Distinction 11/11/2005
273. A Day In The Life Of An Aspiring Transvestite 11/21/2005
274. No Expectation Of Reward 1/4/2006

Comments about Charles Chaim Wax

  • Abhay Vignesh L Abhay Vignesh L (3/8/2011 7:54:00 AM)

    Wow....Most of yourpoems are great..Keep up the good work

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  • Mikoto (3/22/2006 7:15:00 PM)

    Hello Charles,

    Thank you for message to 'Time doesn't change the person' of my poetry.
    Hereafter, I will slowly read your poetry.

    Best regard,
    Take care
    Thank you.


  • Joseph Daly (12/31/2005 12:26:00 PM)

    Charles' works are some of the most beautiful, heartfelt pieces I have come across. His narrations, at once portray a vibrancy, tenderness and understanding of the human condition in all its guises. He introduces us to total strangers who quickly become so familiar. I love to come across a new piece by Charles, I know that it is going to be exciting before I even become aware of its existence. Bernstein is the classic model of the everyman, but is surrounded by many everymen whose worlds are at one, intimate and universal.

  • Jordan Antrim (12/19/2005 3:40:00 PM)

    I like your poems although they differ a great deal from the way I write (in a good way) . You think up the greatest endings and I like the way you do your poetry as stories that to me can be taken several different ways. Your work is truely great...

  • Amanda Lukas (12/12/2005 9:40:00 AM)

    Interesting and original. I'm always looking for your comments (even on others' works) because they're so creative. Just the way it should be poetry as a question, poetry as an answer! Looking forward to seeing new pieces!

  • Vidyanjali V (10/28/2005 10:00:00 AM)

    The poem Gone was touching. By purposely making the style casual and detached, almost going like a newspaper report, you have rendered the truth of the old man's death even more stark and the pain of his wife, piercing.

    Your poems sound like you are used to reporting events of this kind. Do not mind but are you a journalist? I like the conversational tone which I noted in that other new poem too. By doing that you include the reader in the experience as well.

Best Poem of Charles Chaim Wax

No Expectation Of Reward

Being the union guy at Spinoza HS
created a morsel of interest to the day
like when Darwin Dix showed up
his hair a bunch of purple spikes
a good ten inches off his skull
held upright by some fancy gel
from Italy I never heard of.
Chairperson Linda wrote him up
declaring his appearance demented
thus hindering the children’s education.
“A poet don’t play by your rules, ”
I informed her, knowing the union had
gone to court on this one:
No dress codes for teachers.
Darwin wrote a poem in my honor:
The Real Big Boss of the Universe
sent it off, ...

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You Think That's Funny

Something's wrong with me
Or them
I'm talking the men and women
Who deliver the weather
All of 'em like heat
While I'm a blizzard through and through.

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