Charles Edward Pogue

Biography of Charles Edward Pogue

Charles Edward Pogue is a film and television writer who has worked in the sci-fi/fantasy, horror, and thriller genres, and he has also scripted several Sherlock Holmes adaptations. His most well-known work to date is probably the acclaimed 1986 remake of The Fly; he provided the initial drafts, though his work was heavily rewritten by David Cronenberg, the film's director.

He has expressed his disappointment with the films that were made from his screenplays for Dragonheart and Kull the Conqueror, saying that they were ruined by studio interference. On the other hand, he has stated that even though Cronenberg extensively revised his script for The Fly he is extremely pleased with the film that was made.

From 1997-2001, Pogue served on the Board of Directors of the Writers Guild of America, west.

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