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121. Time 9/10/2012
122. I Know A... 11/19/2011
123. Reunion Committee Poem 11/2/2011
124. Heritage Hills Class Of Eighty-One 11/2/2011
125. I Get This Feeling 9/26/2012
126. Endless Summer, Dazzling Autumn 10/10/2012
127. Raspberry Tea And Empathy 11/23/2012
128. Candy Man 10/25/2012
129. Sugar And Spice 7/15/2014
130. Escaping The Friend Zone 12/27/2014
131. Thanksgiving Day 11/18/2014
132. The Farewell Kiss 5/13/2014
133. Watering Dead Flowers 8/24/2014
134. Wintertime Blues 2/21/2013
135. Hot Lips And Empty Arms 12/14/2012
136. What Was I Looking For? 11/23/2013
137. A Boy Named Samuel 8/8/2012
138. Hot Summer Night 8/21/2012
139. Easy To Remember 10/20/2012
140. Time Bandit 4/24/2014
141. Young Lady/Old Soul 1/11/2014
142. My Memory Jar 6/16/2014
143. The Way Back Home 10/17/2014
144. The Three Dates 2/26/2015
145. The Swing 10/5/2017
146. Date Night 7/29/2014
147. A Conspiracy Of Silence 7/18/2014
148. The Banshee's Wail 4/12/2012
149. Rainy Solitude 9/17/2012
150. Gold Star Mother 8/2/2014
151. Evil Woman 9/30/2012
152. Days Of Wine And Roses 9/8/2014
153. Walkin' After Midnight 4/3/2015
154. A First Date 10/16/2012
155. Yesterday's Hero 5/9/2014
156. Remember Me 12/14/2012

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Best Poem of Charles Hancock

Remember Me

On that pleasant spring morning,
when the birds are out and performing
and the sun's rays are warming

Remember me

On that sultry summer night
after the thunderstorm yielded its might
and the moon is revealing a little light

Remember me

On that crisp autumn day
when you have time to whittle away
and the leaves are an intense color buffet

Remember me

On that raw winter twilight
when the sun is inching out of sight
and you're ready to call it a night

Remember me

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Reunion Committee Poem

We had our class reunion at Thieman's lake.
It was fun, such fun for goodness sake.
Ate pork, ate chicken, and even chocolate cake.

Hancock brothers used a cooker that was round.
Brian Tornatta hooked us up with great sound.
Barbecue smells and good music was all around.

Rendezvous garb was designed by our own Ryan Hayes.

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