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The Conversation Is The Key

The COnversation is the key
Free INstitutions seldom ask anyone questions they do not like free people making inroads for themselves it takes away the POWER and DOMINION from the RULING CLASS of Lunarticks is there any reason for this author to be rude
The man was unclean and not shaven there is a differance in a neat appearing beard some men just shave and then skip a shave or two due on there part to neglect or several days of binge drinking his tee shirt was wholy ripped and torn and clinging to him bravely He confided in me that he was from prison and then he tried to RULE me this was not a good idea and eye became a confidant man
eye began to spill the goods about the way things get done around here and he was so sarcastic even making such suggestions eye have heard it all before the tough guys say dont TELL it like its going out of style they think its gay and quite abandonded to be friends with anyone or to tell ideas or songs or to part with personal information such as where eye keep my plug

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