Charles Lamb

(10 February 1775 – 27 December 1834 / London)

Charles Lamb Poems

41. Thoughtless Cruelty 4/10/2010
42. The Magpie's Nest, Or A Lesson Of Docility 4/10/2010
43. The Brother's Reply 4/10/2010
44. Nurse Green 4/10/2010
45. The Unbeloved 4/10/2010
46. Written On The Day Of My Aunt's Funeral 4/10/2010
47. The Force Of Habit 4/10/2010
48. The Godlike 4/10/2010
49. Neatness In Apparel 4/10/2010
50. The Broken Doll 4/10/2010
51. The Boy And The Skylark 4/10/2010
52. On A Picture Of The Finding Of Moses By Pharoah's Daughter 4/10/2010
53. Wasps In A Garden 4/10/2010
54. The Text 4/10/2010
55. The Great Grandfather 4/10/2010
56. The Lame Brother 4/10/2010
57. The Offer 4/10/2010
58. The Duty Of A Brother 4/10/2010
59. Nursing 4/10/2010
60. Lines Addressed To Lieut. R.W.H. Hardy, R.N. 4/10/2010
61. Going Into Breeches 4/10/2010
62. The Ape 4/10/2010
63. On A Projected Journey 4/10/2010
64. The New-Born Infant 4/10/2010
65. The Rainbow 4/10/2010
66. Moderation In Diet 4/10/2010
67. The Sister's Expostulation On The Brother's Learning Latin 4/10/2010
68. On The Lord's Prayer 4/10/2010
69. Penny Pieces 4/10/2010
70. Feigned Courage 4/10/2010
71. Sonnet 4/10/2010
72. The Men And Women, And The Monkeys 4/10/2010
73. Repentance And Reconciliation 4/10/2010
74. Sonnet To Mathew Wood, Esq., Alderman And M. P. 4/10/2010
75. The Peach 4/10/2010
76. The Christening 4/10/2010
77. The Orange 4/10/2010
78. Parental Recollections 4/10/2010
79. The Ride 4/10/2010
80. Song For The C--N 4/10/2010

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Best Poem of Charles Lamb


In a stage-coach, where late I chanced to be,
A little quiet girl my notice caught;
I saw she looked at nothing by the way,
Her mind seemed busy on some childish thought.

I with an old man's courtesy addressed
The child, and called her pretty dark-eyed maid,
And bid her turn those pretty eyes and see
The wide extended prospect. 'Sir,' she said,

'I cannot see the prospect, I am blind.'
Never did tongue of child utter a sound
So mournful, as her words fell on my ear.
Her mother then related how she found

Her child was sightless. On a ...

Read the full of Blindness

As When A Child...

As when a child on some long winter's night
Affrighted clinging to its Grandam's knees
With eager wond'ring and perturbed delight
Listens strange tales of fearful dark decrees
Muttered to wretch by necromantic spell;
Or of those hags, who at the witching time
Of murky midnight ride the air sublime,
And mingle foul embrace with fiends of Hell:
Cold Horror drinks its blood! Anon the tear

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