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Biography of Charles Monroe

Mr. or Mrs. Charles Monroe II is one of the alleged 'Four Horsemen', whom are rumored members of the international Underground Academia known as the 'Ghosts Of DaVinci'(G.O.D.) , a 'mythical' ficticious society said to be a modern urban legend about a group of Poets, Artists, Muscicians, Farmers, Playwrites and College Students from every continent. While the rumors of the group's existence have never been confirmed nor documented, the Pseudonym Charles Monroe II is an actual client of an independent Los Angeles based writing agency/workshop through which the works are published anonymously by the agency's classified staff members. The true identity of Charles Monroe II or his or her affiliations remain unknown. All that is known of Monroe, besides a name and works, is a letterhead from his correspondence which reads 'Knights of Montezuma', which is believed to be a Los Angeles based writing society. Other rumored 'Horsemen' include Spanish Poet/Philosopher Paz de la Guerra, Poet/Composer Sabado Domingo, and a fourth unknown member who is rumored to be an A-list Hollywood Actor and financier for the groups projects. While all these allegations are considered rumors, Charles Monroe II is in fact very real and always pays in cash. Written by Steve Stephalonavich 2013 *The views and works of Charles Monroe do not reflect in any way the views of the author of this biography or his affiliates and was written as requested with the consent of Charles Monroe. All Rights Reserved 2013.

Charles Monroe's Works:

Unknown Updates

Seven Syllable Sonnet

Greetings from across the seas
Readings from the loss of peace
City full of Boston teas
Pity-fool-less Constantine(s) .

Beautiful as Constant Dreams
Uniform is tossed in streams
Funerals as dark as beams
Universal law's extremes.

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