Charles Vildrac

Biography of Charles Vildrac

Charles Vildrac (November 22, 1882 – June 25, 1971), born "Charles Messager", was a French playwright and poet.

Born in Paris, Vildrac's first poems were written when he was a teenager in the 1890s. In 1901 he published Le Verlibrisme, a defense of traditional verse. In 1912 he published a collection of prose poems.

He was a member of the l'Abbaye de Créteil which he founded with Georges Duhamel. He died in Saint-Tropez. Updates

An Inn

IT is an inn there is
At the cross-roads of Chétives-Maisons,
In the land where it is always cold.

Two naked highroads cross.
They never saw the garnering of harvests,
They go beyond the sky-line, very far.
These are the cross-roads of Chétives-Maisons.