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Rookie (24th April 1997 / England)

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Most of my poems relate to loss or pain, but that is because it is all that I have witnessed over the past 4 years.
I’ve suffered a lot of loss and with loss come pain; you cannot suffer one without the other.
We all have a dark side; it’s just that some people find it before others. That dark side though can be scary and can control what we do; it can turn our lives upside down and into hell.
At the moment it seems that I cannot do anything right and everything I do just makes things worse. I can’t do anything without upsetting people and I feel that my dark side has final appeared. The dark can be powerful and can rule your life and one day you will see it and it will show. Some people wish that it never happens but one day in your life it will. Some just see it sooner than others.

Pain is a big thing in my life, I’ve experienced so much that I cannot write it all down on paper. A wise person once told me that ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ When you’re going through pain you think that nothing will ever get better but it does in the end even if it means spending years and years going through hurt and pain. However I have one everlasting memory that is imprinted on my brain and will stay with me until I die. It is the worst fear of anyone during their childhood. The biggest fear is losing someone and on that day I lost something very dearly. I lost my family, I lost my freedom and I lost my heart. My heart broke and it never healed since. I do not feel pain physically; I feel it mentally and emotionally. You’re heart breaking and never healing, a want, a need for something that is completely out of your reach and you will never get.
When do you draw the line? Once you’ve crossed it and then can’t go back.
People judge me a lot and it really upsets me. Would you judge the power of an ocean by one wave? No, so why judge a person by just a single action? By a single mistake. Updates

You Left Her.

I was so afraid,
When you left us,
Left us to fight for life,
To battle our way through,

Lonliness took over,
She longed for you,
To hold her in your arms for one last time,
To love her for one more time,

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