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81. Dried Fruit 4/13/2011
82. The Wait Of Water - (Villanelle) 3/13/2011
83. Questions For A Firefly 3/7/2011
84. Born Again Agnostic 2/24/2011
85. Same Old Words 2/21/2011
86. In My Mind 2/15/2011
87. The Sculptor 2/14/2011
88. Roadside Service 2/8/2011
89. Time Piece 2/6/2011
90. Jury Duty 2/6/2011
91. Lava And Quicksand 2/13/2011
92. Rodeo Clown 2/10/2011
93. Superficial Super Powers 2/9/2011
94. Middle Class, White Collar, Livin’ In The Suburb Blues (Lyrics) 2/16/2011
95. 24 Hour Superstore 2/5/2011
96. An Idea 2/20/2011
97. Canning Jars 3/28/2011
98. Reality Tv - (That’s Entertainment) 1/19/2012
99. Herd Mentality 2/11/2011
100. Poker Face 2/8/2011
101. Inchworm 2/5/2011
102. Honey Bee 2/7/2011
103. The Crazy Cat Lady (Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty) 2/22/2011
104. Mistaken Love 3/2/2011
105. Time Machine 3/3/2011
106. Textile Mill 2/5/2011
107. The Crazy Cat Lady 2/19/2011
108. Basement Apartment 2/10/2011
109. Blue Moon 2/7/2011
110. At The End Of The Day 2/12/2011
111. Shades Of Grey 2/6/2011
112. Little Chicken Nugget 2/14/2011

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Best Poem of Charlie Parant

Little Chicken Nugget

little chicken nugget
under the seat
have you been there a day
or a month or a week?
you look like you were made
just a minute ago
but the way that they make you
there’s no way to know
I pick you up
and you look alright
but I’ll never know
’til I take a bite
you taste a little bit
like sawdust and mold
but that’s always how they taste
if you let ’em get cold
with the consistency
of chewy, greasy plastic
and a rubbery texture
like chicken-flavored elastic
there’s no way to tell
how long you’ve been there ...

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I tell her she is beautiful
she doesn’t want to hear it
and she has a lovely body
but she doesn’t let me near it
I let her know she’s sexy
with continuous insistence
keep hoping that eventually
I’ll wear down her resistance
always tell her that I love her

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