Charlie Savannah Watson

Charlie Savannah Watson Poems

1. And She Whispered... 10/1/2011
2. Broken 10/1/2011
3. Can You Wait For Me 10/1/2011
4. A Little Taste Of What I'M Feeling Right Now 10/1/2011
5. Heart In Iraq 10/1/2011
6. Dont 10/1/2011
7. Everytime 10/1/2011
8. Love Isn'T Everything They Should It Be. 10/1/2011
9. I'M Free The Way You Never Wanted Me To Be 10/1/2011
10. Abused Love 10/1/2011
11. I'M Done 10/1/2011
12. Over You 10/1/2011
13. Remember 10/1/2011
14. Thanks Alot Dad 10/1/2011
15. Still 10/1/2011
16. Tears And Suicide 10/1/2011
17. To Young To Die 10/1/2011
18. Another 10/1/2011
19. Be With Me 10/1/2011
20. Love And Suicide 10/1/2011
21. Why? 10/1/2011
22. I Know 10/1/2011
23. One Of A Kind 10/1/2011
24. Washed Away The Foot Prints In The Sand 10/1/2011
25. Let God Be Witness 10/1/2011
Best Poem of Charlie Savannah Watson

Let God Be Witness

Let God be my witness
When I comment sucide,
All because of you and your ways of love lied.

Let God be my witness
When the blade touches my thoat,
When the blood covers my body like a big red coat.

Let God be my witness
When I go deep in the ground,
And I hope you remember all the times you brought me down.

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One Of A Kind

I was just sitting here thinking,
With my headphones in my ear,
Falling for you was my biggest fear,
You say you love me,
but i really dont know,
So no matter how much this hurts,
I've got to let you go.
Past the bottle of Deception,
And drinking it all down,

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