Charlotte Ambrosia

Biography of Charlotte Ambrosia

I am an open minded, over thinking, hypicritical, person. Arint we all. i like to think deep thoughts. But talk like i can not speak the english languge. My spelling is off a lot, so if you catch something tell me, i know i make mistakes, i need to learn to correct them. I write how i feel, any other way is BS (blarney stone) So in my own personal bias. if you are a poet and you write about love and you do not feel it in your heart and soul, no matter how great and distinguished your use of words maybe. You my friend have not wrote a true poem. that just proves that your ability to speak the english language is advanced but your heart is plastic. 'Ask the blind man who watched it all.' Updates

Throw To One

Somethings will never be the same,
we've gone too far forward to turn back now.
posioned is the mind that believed you.
That kid behind the smile you thought you knew,
died along the way.
Funny that you think your words will save you
have they came through yet?
go ahead,
here you go,

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