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See into me and I will show you what life does when left in a thirteen year old`s hands. I experience so much, so often, writing is my only outlet. Sure it's raunchy and gory, but that's the truth, is it not? I write the truth of what I see, what I think, what I know, but also of the other side, the unknown. Talk to me and I will tell you, and perhaps life from there on out is changed. xx

it's two years later, and that is the biggest bullshit I have ever managed. sorry for being such a pretentious twat xx Updates

Unfurl My Sail

There I run, within the lane
I turn to see her next to me- A girl.
My dark brown hair a sleek mane
Through which to her I call,

'I will not run this race in vain
But at the end I will curl.
For you see, I must stay sane
But worse than you, it is my turn to fall.'

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