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Well i have Black hair and brown eyes, lots of people call me goth, but i dont think i am, i love my boyfrind Jimmy and my Best Friend Emily. My favotite kind of music is punk rock, rock, metal, and some techno. My favroite tv show is criss angel: mindfreak. And yes i write alot of poems about suicide and death but hey those poems are easy to write! ! if you have any questions ask. Updates

Left Me For Her

There's nothing left to gain
And i can't fight the pain
So i put the gun to my head
I wouldent have done this if you had said
'I love you, im sorry dont do this! '
But i think think of the things im going to miss
I know for a fact its not going to be you
So i pull the trigger and the bullet goes through
I lay there dead on the floor

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