Charlotte Henson

Biography of Charlotte Henson

Charlotte Henson is a freelance poet and student from Bury, Greater Manchester. She has been published in various places, performed at more, and runs an open mic night in Bury.

PUBLICATIONS: Writers' Forum, Poetry Rivals, Poetry Matters, Seeds of Inspiration, Best of Manchester Poet: Volume 2 and blankpages.

GUEST PERFORMANCES: Writeoutloud Sale, Writeoutloud Bolton, Writeoutloud Middleton, Bang! Said The Gun, Bolton School, OpenMind, Once More With Meaning and Bury Library.

Charlotte Henson's Works:

Stray Thoughts From The Poetically Minded (2010)
Pharmacopoeia (2012) Updates


It was dead, what they shared,
And he realized it as much as she.

With love like the coelacanth, gone
Was the small butterfly that once nestled in their breast pocket,
Occasionally fluttering its wings in a dizzy dance.
The fossil of their relationship was
Far more easily located than a living specimen nowadays.
Now, loud nights spent tearing into each others' ego

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