Charlotte Lidia

Rookie (October 13,1993 / Chicago, Illinois)

Biography of Charlotte Lidia

Through my years of life, I've found joy in reading and writing. I stumbled acrossed this website one day, and was so happy. I can write and submit my work, and I'm open for any form of criticism you have to offer. Chicago is my birth place. I lived there for many years an when I was 8, my family and me moved to Los Angelas, California. The move was very traumatic. I immediately wanted to leave. But I've settled down, and now think of this place in a polite manner, unlike when my former child self thought many unlady-like words about L.A. During those years, I've learned my calling in life. Writing. I wish to share my writing with everyone, in hopes they find themselves at home with it like I do. Updates

I'M There

Im surrounded by people
People who love me
But I'm so alone

Alone to face my demons
Alone to confront my skeletons

Is it possible to feel empty?

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