Charlotte Lidia

Rookie (October 13,1993 / Chicago, Illinois)

Biography of Charlotte Lidia

Through my years of life, I've found joy in reading and writing. I stumbled acrossed this website one day, and was so happy. I can write and submit my work, and I'm open for any form of criticism you have to offer. Chicago is my birth place. I lived there for many years an when I was 8, my family and me moved to Los Angelas, California. The move was very traumatic. I immediately wanted to leave. But I've settled down, and now think of this place in a polite manner, unlike when my former child self thought many unlady-like words about L.A. During those years, I've learned my calling in life. Writing. I wish to share my writing with everyone, in hopes they find themselves at home with it like I do. Updates

Your Love

When you look at me
I see a twinkle in your eye 
I see a kind of love
That makes me want to cry

When you talk to me
You talk with a voice so soft
A voice so sweet
It makes me breathless 

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