Rookie (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)


81. Mask Of Meth 9/26/2005
82. Parallel Universe 10/22/2005
83. Goodbye My Friends 10/21/2005
84. The Blind Illusion Of Love 12/14/2005
85. A Blinding Flash 8/18/2006
86. Solitary Journey 10/2/2005
87. A True Priceless Gift 7/8/2006
88. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 10/22/2005
89. I Say Goodbye 9/8/2005
90. A Dream - A Wish - A Life 1/18/2006
91. Feels Like Yesterday 9/26/2005
92. The Game Of Love 11/26/2005
93. Fathers Day 9/26/2005
94. A Different Goodbye 3/20/2006
95. My Mind Game 9/13/2006
96. For My Son On Valentine's Day 4/19/2007
97. Pure Evil 7/8/2006
98. Could Of - Would Of - Should Of 8/18/2006
99. A Little Girl Cries 11/28/2005
100. A Place Called Happiness 9/18/2006
101. Happy Birthday My Boy 10/21/2005
102. Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil - See No Evil 3/20/2006
103. My Sister 9/26/2005
104. Step- Dad 10/21/2005
105. Depression Monster 9/26/2005


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Depression Monster

Spinning faster and faster, spiraling down, down,
Depression creates a suffocating heaviness
which consumes and smothers your entire being.
As i recall this space in time,
it seems as though viewing an experience that belongs
to a stranger.
My physical body defeated,
so tired there is no movement.
Eratic thought patterns that make no sense.
Who is controlling these thoughts?
My mind is in control,
which now belongs to the very dark powerful emotion of
This emotion gathers together, confusion, negativity, loss,
misery, self hatred, ...

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Step- Dad

You came into our lives and took us in as if your own,
When as children we were rejected by the person
That should have been our strength and leader,
Our father.
You were willing to now be there for us,
Care for and love us.
It takes a very special person to step into this role
Asking for nothing in return.
As we have all grown into adults with our own children

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