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I am not a Poet
I am not a poet; I write poetry I was inspired to write just 2 years ago after a bout of depression and anxiety, believing that I had ulcers, I was to find out later thatI had no ulcers, it was my heart giving out.
Mental breakdown to follow, physical too I was having a heart attack, I didn’t know what to do. I was advised by consul to dictate my every move, I started documenting and found I was putting everything in my writing in rhythm and rhyme.the words be true.
In the beginning my mind focused on pain, and suffering, that is the basis of my poetry, than I started noticing the birds and the bee.
All of a sudden feeling, for the downtrodden, recognizing myself as a true force in need, the whole world opening in my thoughts waiting there for me.
How can I help to solve, what am I to do. as prayers is all I had.
I found love in my daily thoughts. my poetry had a jumping start.
I dedicate my poetry to my family the present and the past, but most of all I shall never forget my Kitty Kat. As I betrayed her before her time.put her to sleep, she was blind.
June 4 2003 Updates

Losing Is Winning

There comes a time, when we are told, to take a stand today, add your name, come and join us.There comes a time, when we meet someone that wants to change the world. and when confronted No longer there.
This is a story of one I found that follows this line of thought.
Thinks there way is always right.But out of sync with the world and mankind.The saying always the same, take a stand join in with us,
Let's bring this government down.I am sick and tired of exclusionary politics.I am sick of h

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