Chatara Conway

Rookie (May 11,1994 / Waukegan)

Biography of Chatara Conway

My name is Chatara Conway! I write poetry because I like to express myself through written words, not spoken ones. I am considered shy, and quiet, but my poems say a lot of other things that people don't see when they look at me. When people look at me they see a 4 ft 11 in. girl and easily expect me to be a pushover. I am... different. I can be very private about certain things because I don't want to share information about myself and then be shattered by someone's words. Well, poetry is my life and if I don't have that, I have nothing. So, this is my life to you. Thanks! Updates

Wishing On Love

Wishing for someone to care; to love; someone to be there
Having someone there talk to about whatever
This is like having a wonderful protector
Having someone to just sit down and listen
And make everything better
Having a smile to light you up
Is like having the sun always above
When you fine someone that you've been dreaming about all your life
Is it worth wild look them in the eyes?

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