Chaya Mc Carthy

Biography of Chaya Mc Carthy

Born and raised in an average family, the challenges of life taught me so much in so little time. The poems are a collection of my true emotions wrapped in a few words and these are basically the only way possible to express my feelings and emotions to people who need courage, a helping hand, hope and belief.
My life has been a series of throw backs and doubt. Temptations and useless desires use to gauge my childhood middle class dream of being a successful individual and a supporting daughter.
I hope these real life scripts and unevenly rhyming words would give you all the power to possibly do the unthinkable. To do what is right by your own self. Stop to think just for two seconds the impacts others make in our lives and so much given away, but what do we receive. Despite this NEVER LOOSE FAITH IN WHAT WE BELIEVE IS BEST FOR US.

Chaya Mc Carthy's Works:

Waiting for a chance to publish a book for hope and strength but iam looking for someone with a little experience to guide me through if someone has written a book please let me know...i will acknowledge any help. Updates

Forever In A Moment

Taking your hand
Fingers to my lips
I want to love every inch of you
Taste every part of your body
As if I can drink your love's blood
Through your very pores
I want to get lost in your eyes
Consumed by your kiss
Set my body on fire

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