Chel sea

Rookie (10/12/1989 / Cincinnati, Ohio)

Chel sea Poems

1. M.I.A 4/30/2007
2. Odd One Out 5/13/2007
3. My Appologies 5/13/2007
4. Drawing This Line 5/13/2007
5. Never Become You 5/13/2007
6. Jaded Thoughts 5/13/2007
7. Confusion 5/13/2007
8. Sense Of Betrayal 5/13/2007
9. Field Of Disaster 5/13/2007
10. Running Backwards 5/13/2007
11. No Way Out 5/13/2007
12. Here And Now 6/4/2007
13. Changes 6/4/2007
14. The Instagator 6/5/2007
15. Left To Fall 6/5/2007
16. Deadly Plague 6/5/2007
17. Far More 6/5/2007
18. Lamentations 6/5/2007
19. Under Your Control 6/5/2007
20. Past The Scars 6/7/2007
21. Into The World 6/7/2007
22. Aftermath 7/15/2007
23. The Elements 8/13/2007
24. Bumps And Bruises 5/13/2007
25. Dictonary 5/26/2007
26. Choking 6/5/2007
27. What I'Ve Learned 5/14/2007
Best Poem of Chel sea

What I'Ve Learned

I've learned that..
hearts may break,
hearts may ache
but He can fix all what's come undone
tears may fall
tears just stall
what He wants to fix from the Son
people will let you down
people will push u to the ground
but He picks you up so high
disappointments may come and go
disappointments show what u need to know
Like He doesnt want you to give up and die
the world may be cold
the world may take a chokehold
but He's there to release the the grip
love doesnt do the hurt
love doesnt push u in the dirt
it's the person that makes you ...

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Never Become You

Sititng in my room
Trying to remember my last thoguht of you
By thinking about you, I realize I am who i am because of you
ALl that you put me through
Why did you do, what you did to me?
You're everything I dont't want to be be

You set an example of how I shouldnt be
You showed me many ways of how it shouldn't be

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