chelle santos Poems

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All The Pretty Girls

all the pretty girls
their matching bags
& expensive footwear

I Am Nothing But Words.

i am nothing but words.
words - misspelled and mangled,
& sentences wrongly constructed.

All About Me

he'd like to know all about me,
so he starts picking me apart.
he scours files inside my head
for blueprints, maps and charts.

A Page Is Too Small A Space,

a page is too small a space,
for you to plead a lost case
& our words, too plain & trite
to aptly paint out your plight.

Tonight's Invite

to my dearest friend & evil girl,
tonight we celebrate the end of the world.

we'll dine on bad food & ignore the dishes,

Writer's Block

'to get your writing
back in sync,
cut your wrists
& bleed out the ink.'

War Of The Words

he guts numbers with letters,
and letters with words,
conquering sentences,
as the day pushes onwards.


someday when i'm older,
i will know how to write,
to draw pictures with my words
of days that were once bright.

A Change In Season

the summer ends not with the sweeping breeze
entangled with sun, warming up your skin
but with the raking cold pounding of rain
on a steel roof, & the howl of the wind

The Break Up Fairy

'i think that it is best to be,
single, than part of two or three.

because men are born cruel & sly,