chelsea trahan

Rookie (04/21/1992 / Raceland, louisiana)

Biography of chelsea trahan

As i was growing up there was alot of hard times in my life when i was little i was a tom boy and then as i got older and alot more machore i began to love to dress up and look cute well i was 10 years old and
this man had did a bad thing to me and then he had been put in jail for along time and then i started to
watch real closey who i hung around with and then as now i a 17 teen years old going threw school wanting to be a hairstylest and i love writing and coming up with new poems and other things like that it is a way to keep me out of trouble or when i a hurting i exspess myself into my poems so that is why i am here today.... I am chelsea trahan and that was my life... Updates

Hate Me If You Dare.

I hate you cant you tell
when i look at you i want to
hurl so many thing's i cannot say
but when you look at me i walk away.
To many things love can honor but when you
lose it you lose your hunger change your ways you
try to do but if you dont your life is threw.
complications are many things you can have if you
dont try to change but if you do life will come easy

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