Chelsea WhyYes.

Rookie (June 27th 1993 / Temple, Texas)

Biography of Chelsea WhyYes.

I'm Chelsea. I'm an introvert. But ask any of my friends or anyone that as broken through that shyness exterior and they'll tell you the complete opposite. I can be loud, I can be extremly random at times. I'm nice, but I have a anger issues, don't mess with me. I love my friends. Tamitra, Jenny, Kate (Katy) , Kacy, Lauren, Morgan (Moo Moo) , Kate O, Josh (Stabby McGetstabbed) , Andres, Kristean, Amanda, Charlie, Cirino (Carino) , Steven (sorry about the bus ride, hahaha) , Tona, Ryan (Mallett killer) , Luke (Lucas) , Mikey ('what would happen if I pressed 911111111111? ') , Gabby, Hannah P, Hannah G, Jessie ('I'm Black') , Taylor, and a bunch more. I love music, its great, my favorite band is The Academy Is... They are boss. I like to eat outside at night and look at the stars. I am in band, percussionist baby. I can't wait till marching season, but I'm sad that Charlie and Cirino won't be there, major sad. But we will have fun on our own with the candy bag, we aren't going to write anything offenseive on the bag this year, er next year. Well yes if you want to know more then message me. Hope to be good, strive to be great.

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Hahaha, like I could write a book. Maybe one day. Updates

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