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Dear Angel

Taking out a pen an paper to write how I feel,
Writing to someone even if not real,
Just need someone to listen to what I have to say,
Even if only for once a day,

Give Me The Help I Need

Someone just break the chain,
Wash away the nightmares with the rain,
Someone please just take my hand,
Just explain to me for I don't understand,

Troubles All Around

Sorrow beneath a sheet of ice so black
To tired and scared to just turn back
For once true love dies so fast
Lust over love what seems to last

Unforgiving This Time Around

I’m not scared anymore of you
Hitting me was the last thing you will ever do
I’ve walked away knowing things were never going to be alright
I got tired of everything day being another fight

Escapeing From This Misery

Escapeing from this misery
From all this pain
From the tears inside me
I can't stay here

Whats Real And Whats Not

How will I ever know
Whats real and whats not
Will I ever know that you loved me
Or ever cared at all

Shall It Ever Be

Shall it ever be
This cant be it for me
I'm not done
How can there be none

Once Were Lovers

We were once lovers
Now just friends
Now we are back again
Its like I don't know

In The Hands Of Another

In the hands of another
I want to run for cover
My heart is dieing
From all this hurtful lieing

Riping My Own Heart

I'm ripeing my own heart
So that this can't start
Its easer to say goodbye
Then to just say hi